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              “Awakening creativity for the purpose of building confidence through the arts in the community’s youth.”

     Peak Performing Arts was opened in January 2018. Owners Jeannine and Jason Sakry graciously opened their arms to the world of theatre when they discovered a small educational theatre company their daughter was invested in was floundering. The decision to do this was easy as the students enrolled in the program were often “misfits” in the outside world, and had come to see the theatre as their escape. The theatre became a place to gain confidence, work on self-expression, and find themselves. Some of the teens enrolled even dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts and tendencies before finding the comfort of theatre and making new friends.

             Peak continues to be accepting of anyone with a love and passion for theatre. Our staff is kind and loving and completely without judgement. We accept anyone from any walk of life or background. Our purpose is to reach out to the community, give people a safe place to be accepted and loved, while also teaching the wonder that is live theatre and spread the joy and passions in our hearts. Peak is a non-profit 501c3 company that operates off of grants and donations. If you would like to donate to our cause, please go to this link https://peakperformingarts.com/donations/

 I envision a place that people of all ages and abilities could escape the stressors and pressure of this world and learn to get back to the basics.  A safe place for them to use their imaginations and to allow their creativity to soar.  Music, art, theatre, dance….this is the place for you to come and discover who you are as an artists….to discover the truth that you, yourself, are a magnificent masterpiece in this world!  

We bring the arts alive
We encourage the use of imaginations in a big way
We embrace the beauty of imperfection
We encourage each child to simply become who they are as an artist!